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    Baltic Sea Women’s Online Conference: “Solidarity & Gender Democracy”


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    Baltic Sea Women’s Online Conference: “Solidarity & Gender Democracy”

    "Equality between women and men is a fundamental value of the
    European Union but it has not yet been fully achieved by any
    member state. Every year, the European Institute for Gender
    Equality (EIGE) releases the Gender Equality Index, a tool to
    measure progress in gender equality in the EU in six core domains
    (work, money, knowledge, time, power, health). 2021, the EU scored
    68 points out of 100, with widely varying results across countries.
    However, gender inequalities are most pronounced in the domain
    of power, especially in economic decision-making.
    In view of the too slow progress in gender equality as well as
    setbacks in women's rights, the conference takes up relevant issues
    of gender inequality in the Baltic Sea region and has invited experts
    from six countries to present and discuss their perspectives on
    important issues for the future. The first day is dedicated to
    economic aspects and the second day to political aspects.
    Under the motto “Solidarity & Gender Democracy” the conference
    offers a platform for connection, mutual learning, solidarity and
    transnational feminist advocacy. Linked to this, the main objective
    of the conference is to create strong networks across national
    borders and to advocate for the stronger integration of the gender
    perspective in the policies of the Baltic Sea Region.
    The conference takes place on the occasion of the 30th anniversary
    of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Gender Research and Diversity."

    Weitere Informationen zum Programm und zur Anmeldung finden Sie hier.